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Welcome to our Music Minus One page! ​

On February 7th, 2021 we performed our program „I am true: then trie mee“. One of the purposes of the project was that everyone would be able to join us, making music in the cloud. This page is the realisation of that goal.

On this page you will find dropdown links with track titles. Each piece is assigned a level of difficulty (see below). If you click on the dropdown link, a submenu will open for each item. In the submenu you will find a link to a modern edition on IMSLP and a link to the facsimile with details of the folio number for each piece. For the folio you always have to click on to the named folio (this doesn’t happen automatically). Each piece has a metronome marking, and MP3 audio files with and without your chosen voice. There is a count-in before the piece begins. All pieces can be seen and heard in the video from February 7th, the link for which is in the introduction above.

We recommend using a computer or tablet / iPad, not a smartphone, as our website is not yet easily accessible on mobile devices. Headphones and speakers have different advantages and disadvantages; it works with both. Pitch is A=415Hz (set to the Cleartune app). You can print out the scores in advance or read them from your tablet / computer as required.

Advanced – Good sight reading skills and rhythmic stability, can play their own voice reliably in the consort .
Very advanced – Very good sight reading skills and rhythmic stability, enjoys unusual time signatures and rhythmically complex pieces.
Rhythmic nerd – Professional sight reading skills and rhythmic stability; pieces with this designation use complicated time signature changes and proportions.

It is free to use, but donations are welcome to support the ensemble and to finance Music Minus One pieces and other projects. You can find various payment options here.

We look forward to all your feedback, whether positive or critical. This will help us to make it better in the future.

Our Father - John Shepphard (c.1515-1558)


Our Father Modern Edition, Crotchet (Quarter Note)= 108, 2 bars count-In

Our Father Facsimile MS 31390, f.93v-94r, Minima=108, 2 breves count-In

Browning my dear - Clement Woodcock (c.1540-1590)


Browning Moderne Edition, Minim (Half Note)=123, four bars minus one upbeat count-In

Browning FacsimileMS 31390, f.101v-102r, Minima=123, ten minims plus one minim silence count-In

In Nomine - Picforth (c.1578)

Very advanced

Picforth Modern Edition, Minim (Half Note) =112, 2 bars count-in

Picforth Facsimile MS 31390, f.78v-79r, Minima =112, 2 breves count-in